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Ergonomics In The Workplace

The human body was not designed to spend long hours each day sitting in the same position, staring at a computer screen, typing on a keyboard, and pushing around a computer mouse. But in today's world, that is the unavoidable reality in which many of us live. The science of ergonomics (or human factors) focuses on ways to make work more comfortable, and as a result, also less likely to cause repetitive stress injury (RSI). For those who spend 8 to 12 hours a day in front of the computer, you may well already be experiencing some form of lower back or wrist pain. After learning more about ergonomics, and the ways in which you can set up your work station with the proper devices, you can alleviate pain while also improving productivity.

Bring Comfort to Your Work


For computer users experiencing localized pain in one wrist and/or hand, it may be worthwhile to consider looking into some of the ergonomic mouse options available on the market today. The humble computer mouse has evolved quite a bit over the years, and from trackballs to handshake designs...there are many different styles available which can make your time both on, and off of the computer a lot more comfortable.



Typing all day long on a keyboard has been the source of many a worker's repetitive stress injury. From slight wrist pain, to full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome, it can become a serious matter for anyone who does not take care to use this device in the proper manner. There are a range of ergonomically designed keyboards being developed which are designed to minimize the stress on your body caused by repetitive typing.



Your chair is arguably the one item in your work space which you absolutely do not want to overlook. Sitting in the same position for hours on end can take an incredible toll on your lower back, and there is nothing worse than suffering from back pain so severe that you can hardly walk. A chair which provides great lumbar support, or one which forces you to sit with correct posture is essential. There are many such ergonomic chair designs.